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Barrie Mahoney - Author and Columnist

'Writing Inspired by an Island in the Atlantic'

Journeys and Jigsaws

(The Prior's Hill Chronicles - Part 1)

Prior’s Hill is a picturesque English village with a Victorian school, church, manor house and pub that has seen very few changes over the years. However, the appointment of James Young as the new, dynamic head teacher begins a chain of events that exposes hidden secrets that threaten the very fabric of this idyllic village community. A sequence of strange events leads James to discover secrets and lies that threaten both his job and home life. Journeys and Jigsaws is a story of forbidden love and the difficulties that need to be faced when one part of a jigsaw does not fit.

In an original and thought-provoking novel, Barrie Mahoney paints a vivid picture of the complexities of life in a small English village, as well as providing an insight into the challenges faced by gay, professional men at a time when prejudice and the threat of AIDS loomed large.

Journeys and Jigsaws by Barrie Mahoney

ISBN: 9780957544475

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Second edition!