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​Human Trafficking Organisation in Lanzarote Letters from the Atlantic by Barrie Mahoney

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​Human Trafficking Organisation in Lanzarote

Human Trafficking Organisation in Lanzarote

Shocking news this week released by the National Police confirms that a 29-year-old Nigerian woman in Arrecife in Lanzarote has been arrested under suspicion of being part of a human trafficking organisation. This woman is alleged to have been involved in illegally trafficking women into Spain from North Africa, and then subjecting them to voodoo rituals, and then forcing them into prostitution.

The two Nigerian victims have now been released from police protection after help with the police investigation, and are now in a centre for victims of human trafficking for their protection, and for their physical and psychological trauma.

National Police officers report that these victims were enticed to travel to Spain with false promises of employment, and were transported on boats from Libya to Italy with around 500 other migrants seeking work and refugees seeking safety. However, these two victims had agreed to a system of debt bondage to pay for this transport, but when in Italy they were told this amount was between 20,000 euros and 55,000 euros, and they had to repay this debt by working in situations of prostitution by public roads.

These female victims were physically and sexually assaulted when they reached Italy, and were held in the organisation’s apartments for weeks without food or water. The human trafficking organisation obtained false documents for these victims, and then they were transferred to Lanzarote, where the accused 29-year-old Nigerian woman treated these two victims as sex slaves, and forced them to work as prostitutes and to obey all demands from their customers in Lanzarote.

This police investigation finally entered a property in Puerto del Carmen in Lanzarote and discovered these victims of human trafficking and the woman controlling them, as well as evidence to prove that human trafficking had been planned and operated from this island within a European criminal operation involving many other traffickers, and probably many other human trafficking victims that were forced to become sex slaves. Computers and data storage devices were removed from the property, and these are being analysed by forensic experts.

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