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​Gran Canaria Money Laundering from Drugs Arrests Letters from the Atlantic by Barrie Mahoney

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​Gran Canaria Money Laundering from Drugs Arrests

Gran Canaria Money Laundering from Drugs Arrests

Twelve people have been arrested by the National Police, who make up five women and seven men aged between 23 years and 55 years, and who are alleged to have perpetrated crimes of money laundering, fraud, document forgery and Social Security fraud, and all these suspects have previous criminal records. The total sum of money is reported to be 712,000 euros that was connected to drug trafficking.

The police report that seven other people are also charged in this investigation, but have not yet been arrested. This large-scale investigation has also involved the confiscation of 20 motor vehicles, a jet ski, two boats and nine real estate properties, and the police have also blocked 12 banking products.

This current police investigation relates to a criminal organisation involved in drug trafficking that was dismantled in 2015, when 1.3 kilos of cocaine and 10 kilos of hashish were seized, but also uncovered a network of people who were involved in money laundering from the sale of drugs.

Much of this money laundering involved acquiring multiple real estate properties and personal property across the island of Gran Canaria. This money laundering organisation appears to have been as sophisticated as the drug trafficking organisation, and used complex methods to hide identities and transactions with fraudulent documents, but often using legal entities to provide illusions of respectability.

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