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World Famous Jazz and Gospel Singer Coming to Lanzarote Letters from the Atlantic by Barrie Mahoney

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World Famous Jazz and Gospel Singer Coming to Lanzarote

World Famous Jazz and Gospel Singer Coming to Lanzarote

On Saturday 25 November at 20.00 the Jameos del Agua Auditorium in Lanzarote will host a recital by Barbara Hendricks, who is an international jazz and gospel singer. This world class artist has amazing artistic talent, but is also known for her activism for human rights, and this concert is reported to guarantee a magical experience in a unique space in the world.

This concert by Barbara Hendricks is called The Road to Freedom, and the concert star is accompanied by Ulf Englund on guitar and Matthias Algotsson on piano. Blues, gospel and black spirituals will be included in the concert to describe how slaves struggled for freedom, the end of racial segregation and the Civil Rights Movement.

This Swedish national singing star will also perform selections from her recording history, as well as legendary hymns. Tickets are on sale at Casa Amarilla and online at from 49 euros, but there is maximum capacity of 500 people. The Jameos del Agua restaurant will also be open for this concert, and promises to be a magical evening of music and menus to tempt the audience.

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