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Better Roads for Lanzarote with Massive Investment Letters from the Canary Islands by Barrie Mahoney

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Better Roads for Lanzarote with Massive Investment

Better Roads for Lanzarote with Massive Investment

The Government of Lanzarote announce this week that work will now begin to improve four roads on the island.

These road improvements will have a deadline of two months for completion and will be carried out by sections and at night to reduce the inconvenience to drivers and residents.

The road plan prepared by the Ministry of Public Works will be carried out in the following ways:

The LZ-34, which links the towns of San Bartolome and Tahiche.

The road from Haria to Arrieta.

The road from Maguez to Las Piteras.

The section between the Guime roundabout and MontaƱa Blanca.

The improvements for these four road will improve the asphalt, signalling and containment systems, and will have an investment of 2.7 million euros.

These road improvements are co-financed with funds from the Government of Lanzarote and the Development Fund of the Canary Islands.

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