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An Appointment for an Appointment Letters from the Canary Islands by Barrie Mahoney

'Writing Inspired by an Island in the Atlantic'

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An Appointment for an Appointment

An Appointment for an Appointment

I really don’t like August! It is not the excessive heat and accompanying high electricity bills for air conditioning that upset me, but the fact that nearly everyone seems to be on holiday. No, I do not begrudge hard working Spanish and Canarians some precious time off with their families, but the concept of holiday cover has never been invented in Spain. Post is rarely delivered during August, since our postman is climbing a mountain somewhere; we have learned never to order anything that needs delivering in August. Similarly, we try to avoid anything involving the bank, social security office, Town Hall or health centre that requires anything needing filling in, bonking with a rubber stamp or using the computer...

This article has been withdrawn from this website as it has now been published in Barrie’s latest book, ´Letters from the Canary Islands and Spain’.

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