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Barrie Mahoney - Author and Columnist - Media

'Writing Inspired by an Island in the Atlantic'


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Barrie’s columns, ‘Letters from the Canary Islands’ and ‘Letters from the Atlantic’ are featured regularly in magazines, newspapers and radio in Spain, the Canary Islands, Ireland, Portugal, Australia, South Africa, Canada and the USA. A selection are also available as podcasts on iTunes.

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I laugh out loud when I read Barrie's work

"This is a comment that is often received from readers who are familiar with Barrie’s writing. His ‘tongue in cheek’ accounts of ‘The Brit Abroad’ are proving to be very popular in newspapers and magazines, both in Europe and across the world.  Sometimes irreverent, occasionally controversial and always amusing accounts of an expat struggling to recreate ‘Little Britain in the Sun,’ as well as making sense of life in a new country, may well ring a few bells of recognition with Barrie’s readers!"

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