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Living the Dream | Barrie Mahoney

'Writing Inspired by an Island in the Atlantic'

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Living the Dream

Do you dream of a better life, more money, less pressure at work, sunshine, beaches and blue skies? How can you achieve your dream?

Living the Dream is for those who plan to escape to another country, another climate and another lifestyle. It is a dream of opening a new chapter in life and to expose the reader to a new culture, a new pace and perhaps a new language. Living the Dream paints a picture of Barrie's real life experiences on an island in the Atlantic. Experiences that turn out to be hilarious, frustrating, unbelievable and heart warming, which are meant to entertain and amuse, as well as to encourage and support.

What’s Inside?

Learn more about living and working in Spain and the Canary Islands with: A Pair of Shorts and a Toothbrush, A Drag Queen at the Correos, Marmite Soldier Anyone? Scotch and Oestrogen, Sir? The Week the Planes Stopped Flying, Greenwich Mean Time and the Canary Islands, Island Pride, Until Death Do Us Part (or until someone better comes along), Police Crackdown on Speeding Infants, Fancy a Change of Career? A Canarian Garden and much more about living and working in a foreign country.

What's Inside Living the Dream?

Airports and Travel                                           
A Bit of a Wrench                                                
A Pair of Shorts and a Toothbrush                       
Holiday Souvenirs                                                
Airport Security                                                    
What Does a Scotsman Wear Beneath His Kilt? 
Post, Phone and Email

A Drag Queen at the Correos                               
Keeping in Touch                                                 
“Lots of Love” or “Laugh Out Loud”?                
Postal Express?                                                    
Tomorrow, Tomorrow...!                                     
Food and Drink

A Recession Busting Breakfast                           
Marmite Soldier, Anyone?  
Tortillas Are Not Always What They Seem       

A Drop of the Hard Stuff


Saving the Planet with a Plastic Bag                   
Scotch and Oestrogen, Sir?
The Canarian Calima
The Magic Blue Ball                   

The Week the Planes Stopped Flying
Water from Wind
Cars from Bananas
Seaside Burps


The Boob Job
A Playground for the Wrinklies                        

A Question of Convenience (Health)                
“We Love The NHS!”

Legal and Financial

Whack a Banker!                                               
Until Death Do Us Part (or until someone better comes along)                                                       
The Telemarketing Plague                                   
The Parking Ticket                                             
Police Crackdown on Speeding Infants             

Build ‘Em Up and Knock ‘Em Down                   
The UK Election and the Euro Brit                    
The Beautiful Game?                                         
Fancy a Change of Career?                                  
Boot-camps, (Arch)Bishops and Blogs              
People, Pets and Places

‘From Teacher to Drag Queen’                           
A Canarian Garden
Walking the Dog                                               

A Cat and Dog Story                                         
The Uniqueness of Gran Canaria                      
Living the Dream by Barrie Mahoney

ISBN: 978-0992767198 (Paperback and Kindle editions)

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