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Living and Working Abroad - Barrie Mahoney

'Writing Inspired by an Island in the Atlantic'

Living and Working Abroad

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Many people dream of living and working in another country, particularly if this means warm weather, white sand beaches, palm trees and blue skies, as well as a chance to escape to a better lifestyle, a slower pace and new adventures.

Some may wish to visit another country for short holiday or for longer periods of time before returning to the country of their birth, but want to find out more about living in a different culture with a different language, and perhaps a slower pace of life.

Finding out more before planning a holiday or preparing to become an expat in another country is important, and The Canary Islander Publishing gives readers the chance to read about the real life experiences of others who have ‘dared to dream’. Sometimes these experiences can inform and amuse the readers, and help to avoid costly mistakes and legal problems when visiting or living in another country.

Although these books focus on the experiences of living and working in Spain and the Canary Islands, the content is informative and entertaining for those planning to live and work in other countries across the world. Living in another country as an expat needs to be learned, as cultures, laws, taxes and languages are different, and expats and those taking extended holidays or ‘winter birds’ often feel excluded and alone.

Sharing experiences of life in another country is important, and the books offered by The Canary Islander Publishing are written in simple, bite-sized ‘Twitters’ that deal with real life issues in an entertaining and often amusing way. These books are also good for reading on the plane, by the swimming pool, on a cruise ship or at home when the rain is beating against the windows and the heating is turned up.

The Canary Islander Publishing offers books that help readers to ‘live the dream’, ‘escape to the sun’, ‘survive as an expat’, send ‘messages in bottles’ and write their own ‘letters from an island in the Atlantic’. These books are available in paperback and Kindle editions.